Polystyrene advantages

Polystyrene Advantages

Polystyrene market is approximately 35 thousand tons per month or R$ bi/year. The resin has a very competitive price and it is indicated to several uses. You are welcome to know its advantages.




Accessible and very competitive price in comparison to other plastic resins. Historically, the Polystyrene is the cheaper than PP, PET, ABS and others.



Excellent adherence to inks and adhesives. That is the main reason why the resin pleases so much firms that work with visual communication.



Easy handling for the thermoforming and vacuum-forming industries. This quality helps industry achieve better productivity in their operations.






You can get an excellent finishing that transmit high quality perception, without having to spend so much in more noble and expensive resins.



The sheets and coils are nontoxic. This is one of the main reasons that make PSAI the preferred resin to be used in many dairy products (example: yogurt cups)