We are Isoforma

We are Isoforma

We are Isoforma! If you are not a polystyrene transformer or distributor, there are chances that you don’t know us. Although, you certainly buy products that take our brand on them.

When you fill a cup of water at work, you are in contact with the water filter careen and the disposable plastic cup both produced by Isoforma.

When you take some yougurt at home, you are facing its packing produced by Isoforma. Also, the internal part of your fridge is made by Isoforma sheets as well.

When you enter a supermarket, you are facing marketing displays and panels that has been printed over Isoforma sheets.

In other words, all the time, everywhere you go, you are using a product that takes Isoforma mark. This mark is Isoforma brand, a company that for more than 20 years is proud of becoming a reference in the sheet and coil PS, PSAI and PET-G markets.


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