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Products - Current portfolio

During the years, Isoforma has been complementing its portfolio to deliver a complete plastic sheet offering to its clients. We currently produce PS, PSAI and PET-G sheet with the most variable characteristics, which include: length, thickness, colors, layers, finishing, textures, treatments and additives appliance. You can check to know better about products specifications that we commercialize and make them available to you through Isoforma.

Polystyrene High Impact

Processing easiness, high resistance and great print adherence, all this with a competitive price. This is PS Isoform differentiation.

Polystyrene Crystal

Versatility and transparency. Isoforma PS Crystal offers a great appearance and a competitive price in relation to its high aggregated value.


PET-G Isoforma is ideal for your application, since it is extremely resistant, transparent and easy to work with. All this for a competitive price.